Fjällraven: Classic Swedish Outdoor Gear

Anyone who has ever spent considerable time in Europe, or at least passing through European airports and train stations, invariably has come across a passel of tow-headed teens sporting Fjällraven rucksacks – distinctive for their classic and enduring logo of the arctic fox in a highly visible round patch.

After a few years of carrying around a messenger bag to the detriment of my shoulder, I dropped into Context recently and was excited to see that this classic Swedish brand was now being carried by the boutique shop.  In stock was a wonderful and stylishly utilitarian laptop backpack, complete with padded sleeve able to fit a MacBook Pro perfectly, along with tons of other books, cables and papers.  I made the decision to swap my pain-inducing messenger bag for the Fjällraven rucksack then and there, and I’m thrilled by the results.

The Fjällraven laptop rucksack, from Context.

Context is also carrying the full size range of Fjällraven bags, from the mini to the retro military-inspired green or khaki packs, as well as clothing and outerwear items.  You can see what Context has in stock from Fjällraven at this link.


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