The better to see with: SALT.Optics

As the years continue to wreak their havoc, erm, magic on my ever-evolving eyesight, I continue in the search for frames that reflect my own personality as well as sense of style. My vision worsened after less than one year of working with awful CRT monitors, and I’ve been wearing spectacles ever since, for the past 15 years or so.  While the news of needing to wear them was bad, at first, I’ve taken it as an opportunity to find those frames that I can really relate to.  As such, I’ve often chosen classic looks, or those that play on them; I love innovative styles but cringe at those frames, usually titanium and in garish colors, that make one look like an escapee from a first-year industrial design project gone amok, or a hopelessly insecure architecture grade student, or similar.  Over the years, I’ve sported frames from a variety of manufacturers, including Lafont, ProDesign|Denmark, Oliver Peoples, and others I can’t remember at the moment.

Most recently, an unfortunate auto collision that resulted in the loss of my venerable but impractical English vehicle also meant that I was forced to replace my frames.  The ones I chose were from a line new to me:  SALT.Optics, an American maker of handmade, sturdy and elegant frames (although, curiously, my frames do say “Handcrafted in Japan”).  After perusing many options, I went with the Adler, a 50s/60s-inspired look that can be worn by men and women alike.  The tortoise shell is a rich, deep colorway and the frames themselves are pleasantly and just slightly oversized, in following with current trend.

The "Adler" is one of many offerings from SALT that echo a classic form and colorways, paired with sturdy construction, and suitable for men, women and others.

I encourage you to check out SALT.Optics if these appeal to you.  The models are their own employees, and it is very easy to get a sense for how their looks are suitable and flattering for many face shapes and gender expressions in a classic and appealing way.


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