In Honor of Spring: Custom Leather Bicycle Saddles

There is no denying that spring is now definitively upon us and, in my city at least, so, too, is the compulsion to get back out on our bikes. As with everything, a personal touch can make standard objects so much interesting, and enjoyable, to use.

Here with an exclusive is a spotlight on an artist local to me who is making beautiful, intricate designs on the already classic Brooks saddles. Kara Ginther is a leatherworker who creates original designs using the saddles as her medium.

A modified herringbone image brings dynamism and movement to this classic black leather saddle.

What a way to take a bespoke and artistic touch to your daily commute. Visit the website for more shots of what this artist is creating.

A Brooks saddle is altered with leatherworking techniques, making an already unique and classic saddle into a work of art.


3 responses to “In Honor of Spring: Custom Leather Bicycle Saddles

  1. wow. cool designs

  2. There are so many nice-looking ones at the artist’s site that it was difficult to choose which ones to highlight. Hopefully readers will visit the others at the link above!

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