The Elusive Brogue

The "Harry" in a fantastic red.

The impetus behind starting this site was, in no small part, due to my personal frustration with locating footwear sized for women but in the classic styling I most appreciate. Beyond the serendipity of simply locating a vintage pair in a second-hand shop, my search has taken me back to England, where the style is much more prevalent (perhaps to a problematic extent – most of the best offerings are long sold out, and the style may have already achieved critical mass there).

Another search has pointed me to a contender, in the guise of the Pied-à-Terre “Harry,” below.

The Pied-à-Terre "Harry," retailing for around $250.

As is my habit, I was attracted immediately to the tan colorway, as I prefer the showcasing of the natural beauty of the leather whenever possible.  But the “Harry” is offered in a choice of four colors, including two exciting yet understated options in blue and red:

Either of these could put me one step closer to obtaining the perfect brogue, to be paired with a well-loved favorite pair of jeans, just in time for spring.


One response to “The Elusive Brogue

  1. craftasticpenguin

    What elegant prose.

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