Cognition Caps

Typically, I’m not really one for headgear. Hats are a tricky thing, and the wrong one can really be an unflattering misstep. The other day, however, while taking my first real spring excursion on my bike, I stopped in at a local shop and decided to do something about the terrible bedhead I was sporting.

Enter Cognition Caps, a local (to me) company of a duo who is making these at home out of classic patterns and materials.

Cognition handmakes its cycling caps in a variety of patterns and fabrics, including classic herringbone and a variety of plaids.

I picked out a cap in a tartan, dropped a reasonable $25 on the purchase, and have been perplexing, amusing and annoying friends and loved ones ever since by almost never removing it from my cranium save for sleep. It goes with everything and has a boyish appeal that does not feel unflattering and maintains a feminine playfulness. For actual cycling or for streetwear, it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe.

Check out the Cognition site for more information, or this brief note on Urban Velo.


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