Tweed, Indeed: The Tweed Run

A charming poster inviting riders to tweed up for the Dallas event.

Undoubtedly inspired by the large-scale tweed run held last January in London, these events seem to be popping up everywhere (Ridingpretty provides a nice clearinghouse of them at this link).  Like all good things, I imagine the shelf-life on the trend of tweed rides will be sadly limited, and they will surely take on the air of the mustache party and similar events in no time.  But until then, I am enjoying the pictures of these rides that are filtering in all over the Net, and the fashion they provoke.

Tweed Runs are a great showcase of dandy fashion, but men tend to predominate. Photo credit:

Whether it’s biking culture, in general, or the specifics and logistics of finding dapper tweed outfits appropriate for these rides, gents do indeed seem to predominate.  Can more women become involved and find the fashions the rides mandate?


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