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Weekend Spring Cycling Part 2: Annie

Annie is a local who spends a lot of time riding, whether commuting to and from work every day or spending weekends training for charity rides on her road bike.  For everyday riding, she often chooses a retro commuter from Trek, whose three speeds can be tricky when negotiating the hills on the way to the office.

Annie rides a retro Trek for a daily commute.

Annie rides a retro Trek for her daily commute.

The weather is still cold, so scarf, jacket and gloves are a necessity.  Annie wears them all when cycling around town to run errands or meet friends for coffee, and includes a felt hat, although she is quick to point out, “I usually wear a helmet!”  With her casual look that is still highly functional for cycling, Annie epitomizes the type of urban chic that allows for person-powered transportation while not relegating one to spandex and butt padding  better reserved for long rides.

Annie's functional style for weekend and weekday.